Managing Safety

University Safety Office (USO) is to assist CUHK to provide a safe environment in which to study and to work.

Managing Safety

High standards of occupational safety and health are integral management objectives of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) on a par with excellence in teaching and research. CUHK is devoted to cultivating a positive safety culture through the concerted efforts of all Departments/Units. 

To achieve this mission, the University Safety Office (USO) carries both the advisory and regulatory roles to help departments/units in their efforts to comply with applicable ordinances and regulations as well as to conform to the University’s policies and best local and international practices.   To nourish a positive safety culture in the University and to enhance knowledge on occupational safety and health of individuals, USO provides relevant information, guidelines and awareness training regularly in conjunction with Safety Committees and Safety Coordinators.



Managing Safety
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