The Dangerous Goods Stores Unit (DGSU) was established under the University Safety Office, on 1 February 2000. The major aim of this unit is to organize the central supply of certain DG chemicals for the laboratory users of the university. Thereare 59 dangerous goods stores (NOTE: The number should be amended later) located in the university campus under the Dangerous Goods Stores Unit's management. This unit will report to the DG Manager on operational matters, and on policy matters will be supervised by Safety Advisory Committee – Chemicals / Carcinogens under the Committee on Safety.  According to the prevailing policy, dangerous goods need to be ordered through the Dangerous Goods Stores Unit. Click this link to see a list of the affected chemicals. By means of the services of this unit, laboratory users of the university may be able to keep legally stock of dangerous goods in their laboratories. All authorized users can make their requisition through internet to the DGSU.

DGS Information

A new set of Dangerous Goods Stores has been completed in January 2000. The new stores are principally used to house laboratory consumables that are classified as dangerous goods. They are located on Campus Circuit East. There are 11 other existing units with total storage area of about 85-sq. m, located near Science Centre. All these stores are placed under the management of Dangerous Goods Stores Unit (DGSU). All licences of these dangerous goods stores were issued by the Fire Services Department and should be renewed annually after inspection by this department. The dangerous goods stored in the DGS are classified into Class 3, 6, 8, which are commonly used by various laboratories of the university.